• The tour that helped change a nation

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    In 1978, Deng embarked on yet another journey of learning, this time looking to the expertise of the East to carry China forward on the road to modernization.

President Xi unveiled new measures for expanding reform and opening up Tuesday as China marks the 40th anniversary of the policy this year. [More]
China's recent opening-up measures have attracted more global investors eager to build or increase their presence in the rapidly growing market, an executive of JPMorgan Chase said. [More]
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The reform and opening up has dramatically changed the country's economic landscape.
Chinese president vows tough battle against pollution to boost ecological advancement.
China will further encourage imports of products and services involving key technologies.
China will continue to improve and upgrade its cutting-edge J-20 stealth fighter jet.
More and more foreigners are cashing in on Chinese language skills.
Talent attraction
Competition for talent reflects city's new development idea.

The reform and opening up, initiated by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, has significantly unleashed and enhanced productivity in China, blazed a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, demonstrated the strength of the nation, and actively contributed China's share to the world.

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